Posted by: Hereandthere40 | November 27, 2011

What Travel Means to Me

For me travel is about getting away from your usual surroundings, your regimented life, your clothes, your reputation, your gadgets, and everything that you think you are.  Then you are pushed to experience what is really around you.  Those pushed occurrences make you realize who is actually having them.  Its not always easy or relaxing, but it makes you aware of who you really are.

Its the daily routines that we get caught up in which make us forget, and we sometimes don’t even know it.  Putting ourselves in uncomfortable, unusual, or unfamiliar situations will show us something we’ve been missing.   Something pretty significant.  The changes that occur during travel are a result of things changing inside of us, not whats happens outside or around us.  That is probably the biggest misconception.

-Lucas Rokosz  27-NOV-2011  Manaus, Brazil

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