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The 50 Most Violent/Dangerous World Cities in 2011

Los 50 más violentos / Peligrosos ciudades del mundo en 2011 _ 2012
These figures were published by a Mexican research group for 2011.  What is most shocking to me is the fact that the top 20 most violent cities are all in the western hemisphere, and all below the US border (Latin America).  Are the African/Asian countries not properly reporting their statistics?  I would think such countries as Congo/Somalia would rate somewhere in the top 20.  Even so, I believe Latin America has critical cultural problems to solve.

Position/City/Country/Homicide/People Rate/Rate

1 San Pedro Sula Honduras 1.143 719.447 158.87
2 Juarez Mexico 1.974 1,335,890 147.77
3 Maceió Brazil 1.564 1,156,278 135.26
4 Acapulco Mexico 1.029 804.412 127.92
5 Central District Honduras 1.123 1,126,534 99.69
6 Caracas Venezuela 3.164 3,205,463 98.71
7 Torreón (metropolitan) Mexico 990 1,128,152 87.75
8 Chihuahua Mexico 690 831.693 82.96
9 Durango Mexico 474 593.389 79.88
10 Belém Brazil 1.639 2,100,319 78.04
11 Cali Colombia 1.720 2,207,994 77.90
12 Guatemala Guatemala 2.248 3,014,060 74.58
13 Culiacan Mexico 649 871.620 74.46
14 Medellin Colombia 1.624 2,309,446 70.32
15 Mazatlan Mexico 307 445.343 68.94
16 Tepic (metropolitan area) Mexico 299 439.362 68.05
17 Vitoria Brazil 1.143 1,685,384 67.82
18 Veracruz Mexico 418 697.414 59.94
19 Ciudad Guayana Venezuela 554 940.477 58.91
20 San Salvador El Salvador 1.343 2,290,790 58.63
21 New Orleans United States 199 343.829 57.88
22 Salvador (and RMS) Brazil 2.037 3,574,804 56.98
23 Cucuta Colombia 335 597.385 56.08
24 Barquisimeto Venezuela 621 1,120,718 55.41
25 San Juan Puerto Rico 225 427.789 52.60
26 Manaus Brazil 1.079 2,106,866 51.21
27 São Luís Brazil 516 1,014,837 50.85
28 Nuevo Laredo Mexico 191 389.674 49.02
29 João Pessoa Brazil 583 1,198,675 48.64
30 Detroit United States 346 713.777 48.47
31 Cuiabá Brazil 403 834.060 48.32
32 Recife Brazil 1.793 3,717,640 48.23
33 Kingston (metropolitan) Jamaica 550 1,169,808 47.02
34 Cape Town South Africa 1.614 3,497,097 46.15
35 Pereira Colombia 177 383.623 46.14
36 Macapá Brazil 225 499.116 45.08
37 Fortress Brazil 1.514 3,529,138 42.90
38 Monterrey (metropolitan area) Mexico 1.680 4,160,339 40.38
39 Curitiba Brazil 720 1,890,272 38.09
40 Goiânia Brazil 484 1,302,001 37.17
41 Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality South Africa 381 1,050,930 36.25
42 Barranquilla Colombia 424 1,182,493 35.86
43 ST. Louis United States 113 319.294 35.39
44 Mosul Iraq 636 1,800,000 35.33
45 Belo Horizonte Brazil 1.680 4,883,721 34.40
46 Panama Panama 543 1,713,070 31.70
47 Cuernavaca (metropolitan area) Mexico 198 630.174 31.42
48 Baltimore United States 195 620.961 31.40
49 Durban South Africa 1.059 3,468,087 30.54
50 City of Johannesburg South Africa 1.186 3,888,180 30.50



  1. Good to hear from you again, Luke, esp. when seeing this report. Could you explain the numbers that are in each entry?

  2. Very interesting Luke. I see good ole Detroit made the list. Seems you’ve traveled in some of worst!!! Many prayers along your journey and with good reason. See you soon. Mom XOXO

  3. Heard that TC, MI has a very good rating! Think about it.

    • Im actually living in Cali, #11. At least its not in the top 10.

    • Know a nice little town that has both a great rating AND a Pickle Fest!

  4. I’m sorry but I do not believe this. You obviously don’t have any statistics from lots of african and asian parts of the world. If you had had that, Mexico and Brazil would barely be on the list…

    • Peter, I agree with you, these facts do not seem to reflect the violence in Africa and Asia. If you read my blog entry, you will notice that I too made this observation. Citizen’s Council for Public Security and Justice, a Mexican research group, released this data last month. I sent them an inquiry about how they gathered their data, Ive yet to get a response.

      • My mistake!
        I just saw the headline and forgot to read your entry…
        But I see we very much agree on this.

  5. I’ve been to San Pedro Sula. Granted I didn’t stay inside the city for long but I felt more safe there than say in Johannesburg or even Oakland in the US. Caution needs to be taken at night but these articles make SPS sound like a warzone.

    • I have also been there. Currently, I live in Cali, Colombia. There are some parts of the city that are safe, secure, and modern. There are also parts that are similar to a war-zone. I know a guy who was beat down a few weeks ago by a few kids that were after his wallet. It didnt stop there, next another group came along, beat him again and took his shirt, shoes, pants, and left him in his underwear. My point, is that you probably visited the nicer parts of SPS, you wisely avoided the barrios.

    • I’m amazed you say that.

      Honestly and having been to both cities myself (actually lived in Jo’burg!), San Pedro Sula makes Johannesburg look like a walk in the park. Nevermind Oakland.

  6. As far as I know, the official numbers of Brazilian cities may be lower than the real numbers. The numbers are based upon date from the police or from the hospitals. Most murders take place outside the city itself, in the metropolitan areas. BTW: Fortress may be translated as Fortaleza, originally founded by the Dutch 🙂

  7. Nice post, didnt expect that. Thought Colombia would be much lower. Expected Congo up there. Notice how countries promoting sharia law arnt listed? Thats because they deal with crime before it gets as far as it being reported. That includes Somalia. Spent time in many of these places. Even if the stats are somewhat unfairly grouped, still very interesting. Will be publishing my own blog on the ‘Most Dangerous City In The World’ (Goma) in the next couple of days, you might find it interesting.

    • Really? I’m not surprised with Colombia, what with all the tourists getting murdered there. Don’t forget, their figures also don’t include the huge numbers of poor people that inexplicably go missing from the barrios of Medellin or Cali, this would up murders significantly. Moreso than the other countries on the list, Iraq aside.

      The murder rate for tourists/ex-pats is off the scale, plausibly the highest in the world. Just in the last 6 weeks two Americans have been murdered in Medellin yet there’s hardly any coverage outside Colombia. Almost as if there’s a blackout on any bad news in the country. Colombia’s a strange, unsettling place.

      War zones should dominate this list. It’s based on known murders, presumably war zones are unable to count anything like accurately.

      South Africa and the US have the most accurate stats on here. Their police or governments are nowhere near as corrupt as the others.

  8. My story on the most dangerous city in the world…

  9. Buenaventura on Colombia’s Pacific coast, is actually the deadliest in the world, deadlier even than any of these cities cited, including Cali, Medellin, Juarez, or San Pedro Sula. The murder rate in 2010 was 175/ 100,000 of population, well above any of these cities. It is the only large city in the country that has direct access to the Pacific ocean and good roads to bring produce from the coca growing mountaintop regions of Colombia to the Pacific coast. It is the primary source of coca products that flow into Mexico that are destined for the coca consuming connaisseurs of the US and Canada.

    Colombia has since tried to reduce the extreme violence, but the gangs and cartels have switched tactics, taking lessons from Chile’s Pinochet and Argentina’s 1970s governments, they are disappearing people instead of leaving murdered bodies, with suspicions that people are being dumped at sea instead.

    This study has left out some of the most dangerous cities in the world, Buenaventura is one, but what about Goma, Congo, among many others?

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