Posted by: Hereandthere40 | February 8, 2012

Too Much Concern About Yourself

As Osho once stated “Too much concern about yourself is the greatest disease possible. You cannot be happy, you cannot enjoy yourself. How can you enjoy? So many problems inside! Problems and problems and problems and nothing else! — and there seems to be no solution. What to do? You go crazy. Everybody, inside, is crazy.”

The person who prays, seeks, searches, and meditates all day and everyday looking for their God or answers probably will not find what they are looking for.  It’s the ego taking over, it keeps us from our soul.  It’s quite simple, depression and anxiety in most cases are related to people thinking too much about themselves.  When in reality, if one can realize that we are just a small part of the big picture.  To understand were all connected relieves the pressure.  We are where were supposed to be right now, and the only responsibility we have is to be ourselves. Keep it simple and truthful, thats where happiness and the divine can be found.


  1. Lots of wisdom here. Thanks. hugs, pat

  2. Great stuff:

    We are where we’re supposed to be right now

    I agree that this is the healthiest way to think. This philsophy gives a better ability to maximize the moment at hand while not being preoccupied by regrets or things that haven’t happened.

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