Posted by: Hereandthere40 | February 20, 2012

4 Reasons Why I Love Latin America

4 Reasons Why I Love Latin America

  1. Everybody is a Merchant- Everybody is selling something without the government intervening.  Anywhere south of the US border you will find people on streets selling anything from pens and pencils, to fresh fruit to Chinese yo-yo’s.  I used to avoid making eye contact with anybody in the street to avoid conversation.  Until, one day I was walking to the super market for a tube of superglue, and out of the blue there was a guy in the alley selling superglue and wooden spoons.  I thought it was a blessing that I didn’t have to walk the extra 4 blocks, so I bought 2 tubes of glue, plus a wooden spoon because the guy made my day.
  2. The chicken buses –old bluebird American school buses are revamped and well decorated with style and pride.  Generally they are loaded with 10 times the capacity of passengers, along with a chicken or two.  Not in all Latin countries, but in most, you can find these brightly colored means of transportation.  Always good for a laugh, or a taste of culture shock if its your first time seeing one.
  3. Beans-  The folks down here know how to cook beans to taste so amazing that they can supplement a main course.  Black beans, pinto beans, and red beans, all of which can be found anywhere cooked with TLC.  I remember in primary school, beans tasted horrible, plus you’d get picked on for eating them.  Latin America has changed my perception of beans.  Call me frijolero!
  4. The Sincerity of the People-  In no time, a foreigner will feel the genuineness of the people.  A cab driver spilling his life story within five minutes of meeting him/her.  Country folks welcoming you into their homes for lunch.  It seems that people take the time to make a meaningful encounter.  The people have less, but also worry less.  They enjoy their music, food, and time off in a way that is almost professional.  This is not true everywhere -maybe it has to do with the unemployment rate- either way it makes me feel more at home than in my own country.


  1. Great post. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to Latin America yet, but you’re making is sound good. I have met people from Latin America and point number 4 agrees with my experience.

  2. Welcome Back….I missed this.

  3. My husband drove one of those old Bluebird buses across the Mexican border and after some delays made his way to Guatemala reaching the orphange it was destined for.

    • This sounds like a very noble cause. Dangerous, yet thoughtful. I would like to see what the bus looks like today. Most likely, it has a few feathers blowing around throughout it.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. I feel more at home in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama than I feel here in the States. Obnoxious me, me, me narcissism has yet to reach Latin America and I hope it never does.

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