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List of Countries with the Cheapest Gas Prices 2012

7 Countries with the Worlds Cheapest Gasoline Prices

Photo from the movie Zoolander

Europeans and Americans are definitely paying some of the most painful gas prices globally.  More specifically, Norway pays the highest prices for gas world-wide(double what Americans pay).  All the while, citizens of oil-rich nations fill their tanks with pocket change.  A british insurance firm -Staveley Head- recently released a list of the worlds gas prices.  Below are the seven cheapest countries in the world to purchase gasoline.

1. Caracas, Venezuela

$0.18 per gallon (average) — These gas prices have been in place before Chavez took office, and will remain.  The last time the government tried to raise gas prices mass protests sprang up across the country, and several people died.

2. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

$0.48 per gallon (average) — The kingdom has 20% of the world’s oil reserves, they are the heavy hitter on the global stage.

3. Tripoli, Libya

$0.54 per gallon— Libya is ranked 9th in the oil-producing world league.

4. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

$0.72 per gallon (average) — Each person with a vehicle gets 120 litres free per month, so who cares about the price anyway?

5. Manama, Bahrain

$0.78 per gallon (average) — Which is likely to rise due to low oil reserves, and a new plan to diversify the economy.

6. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwaitis by nature are very wealthy, but who doesn’t like a discount?

7. Doha, Qatar

The citizens of Qatar have the second highest income/world and the 7th lowest gas prices in the world.

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  1. 3.70 here right now.

    5.89 in fla

    According to, motorists in Alaska are paying a whopping $6.34 for a gallon

    its sad that over the past 20-30 years there was time to put a plan into action to bypass these high prices and it never happened.

    • Try $9.94 in the UK currently

  2. Blessed are those whose daily routine does not involve an automobile.

    • blessed are those that live in an area with transit. or can walk. Those that live in rural areas, have to drive to feed their families. Bless them too!
      Bless the companies and truck drivers that deliver items to the store- because You get to pay the increase. and loose their income.

      • The only ones who really win are the speculators and the nations exporting oil.

  3. haha for sure man

  4. Does not matter if you do not own a car. Fact is when the cost of shipping goes up, so do all the prices at the retail stores, gorcery. etc…. So you end up paying too.

  5. […] […]

  6. Interesting facts.

  7. stopping by to say hi, you have some good info here 🙂 (prechrgrl)

  8. Is this the price of capitalism?

    Our oil producers are not controlled by our government and are free to set whatever price that is profitable for them. I imagine that in these seven countries the price is tightly controlled by their governments.

  9. Is this the price of capitalism?

    In the US our oil producers are not subject to government market regulation and are free to set prices as they choose.

    I imagine that in these 7 countries that the oil producers are tightly regulated and must sell into their home contries first at a regulated price.

    Do we want the government to control market prices in the US?

    • Agreed, the price of oil should float on the market, as do currencies. However, should oil companies and foreign governments be allowed to stifle alternative energy research in the name of greed? The demand for oil could be greatly reduced with common sense and intelligence, however, this is not happening as a result of a hugely funded campaign whose sole purpose is to sustain and even increase dependence on fossil fuels. “Milk that F’ing cow til there aint nothing left!!!!” That is the motto we are dealing with.

  10. All US GOV>people have GAS CARDS-FREE GAS -we all know how much
    they care about us !!!!!!!!!!always have always will……

  11. our country has no intrest in us, or our needs, we are their cash cow. Hell when second and third world countrys can pay.18 per gallon of gas and us 4.00 plus, do you think maybe sumtin aint right here. Its all greed, dont think for a second it will change unless there is a full revolt in from us the people who are tired of getting screwed by our own government

  12. Y can’t we have Venezuelan gas prices

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