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Richest and Poorest Countries in the World

Worlds Wealthiest/Poorest Nations and Poorest Nations in the Western Hemisphere_According to the Human Development Index (United Nations)

HDI, or Human Development Index is the way the United Nations measures the well being of the populations of the world by their respective countries.  Many blogs use Wikipedia’s GDP to gauge or rank a countries wealth, however that is not a proper assessment.  For example, China ranks #2 for GDP, meaning that they are the second wealthiest nation behind the United States.  However, on the HDI, China ranks 101st, lower than Belize and the Dominican Republic, which I have listed as the 9th and 10th poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.   The HDI gives a better idea of the conditions people are living in.  Statistics for the HDI include life expectancy, literacy, education, and standards of living.  To view the whole report, you can CLICK HERE.  A few points of interest: The western hemisphere is in much better shape as far as standards of living compared to the east.  Granted most of the worlds population is in the east.  Sweden ranks #1 for gender equality, Libya dropped dramatically 10 spots because of the war, Turkey and Ukraine each rose 3 spots due to economic development and the government investing their new wealth in the people.  There were virtually no shifts in the top 10 Highly Human Developed nations from the previous year.

Wealthiest Countries of the World by (HDI) Very High Human Development

1. Norway
2. Australia
3. Netherlands
4. United States
5. New Zealand
6. Canada
7. Ireland
8. Liechtenstein
9. Germany
10. Sweden

Poorest Countries of the World by (HDI) Low Human Development

1. Congo, Democratic Republic of the
2. Niger
3. Burundi
4. Mozambique
5. Chad
6. Liberia
7. Burkina Faso
8. Sierra Leone
9. Central African Republic
10. Guinea

Poorest Countries in the Western Hemisphere by (HDI)

1. Haiti     Ranks 158 out of 187 nations Low Developed
2. Guatemala     Ranks 131 out of 187 nations Low Developed
3. Nicaragua     Ranks 129 out of 187 nations Low Developed
4. Honduras     Ranks 121 out of 187 nations Low Developed
5. Bolivia     Ranks 108 out of 187 nations Med Developed
6. Paraguay     Ranks 107 out of 187 nations Med Developed
7. El Salvador     Ranks 105 out of 187 nations Med Developed
8. Suriname     Ranks 104 out of 187 nations Med Developed
9. Dominican Republic     Ranks 98 out of 187 nations Med Developed
10. Belize     Ranks 93 out of 187 nations –High Developed
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  1. The GDP is not a good indication unless you add it as a rate per person which is also used on the WTO. This drastically moves a country lime China down on their ranking as well.

    Very insightful viewpoints and good article.

    • I would agree, GDP per individual is a better indicator than that of the GDP of the whole country. However, it is still not as accurate as HDI to determine the conditions of the country. Look at Cuba for instance, they rate low on all GDP scales, but their literacy rate is higher than that of the US.

  2. Interesting posts… Great practical info. Interesting how Norway is the wealthiest, much because of all the oil that they export and the tiny population. They pay the most for gas and alcohol due to high taxes but they have the best social programs and are ranked number one in quality of life. The people in Latin America, or at least up in these Andes, seem to be the happiest.

  3. Good point, Norway is leading the league in practically all statistical categories. Are you in Ecuador yet?

  4. this is shit! confusing! totally wrong!

    • Mina, could you articulate a bit more? Im sure your vocabulary is deeper than you care to show.

  5. Now i can sleep,got what i was lookn 4.

  6. India is worlds poorest country in terms of population.

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