Posted by: Hereandthere40 | March 26, 2012


Back in May I went through a break-up with my girlfriend.  My Mom was working overseas and she knew I was down in the dumps.  I opened up my email to find two e-tickets dated 20-AUG-2011 to Chile with our names, a great gesture to cheer me up to say the least.  As the following months passed, we spoke on the phone and via email about what we really wanted to do on our trip.  After all of our research, we both agreed that most of all we wanted to trek to the top of Perito Moreno Glacier, chip some glacier ice, pour two shots of whiskey over the glacial ice and toast to another page in our lives.

On the 20th of August we arrived into Santiago, Chile’s international airport.  We spent two days in the capital exploring the city, parks,

people, and restaurants.  Next we took a three-hour…

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE your blog, the tone, and purpose. Sorry to hear of your break up. Keep writing! If I take my trip anytime soon, maybe we cross paths in Chile! 🙂

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