Posted by: Hereandthere40 | March 28, 2012

A Few Photos from Around Cali

These are a few photos from around Cali, Colombia.  Unfortunately there are not any portraits or close-ups of the people.  As I have found out recently the hard way, the people do not like their pictures taken.  The people of Cali are very beautiful and exotic, as a large percentage have African, Spanish, and Indigenous blood, giving them a different look for latin america, Brazilian is the only comparative description I can think of.  Below are photos of some architecture and some other random sites.

"MIO" Cali's public transportation system

Church of La Ermita

Government Department Building for Valle de Cauca

Templo de San Francisco

Large Police Presence, yellow vested officers can be seen in multiples on nearly every corner in the city center.

Cristo Rey, similar to Rio's "Redeemer" stands on a mountain overlooking Cali.

"Sapo" Largely popular bar game similar to darts, yet played by throwing a steel ring into the slots.


  1. thanks for taking me on a trip today:)

  2. Great photography Luke. You must have an awesome camera, and a great eye for intersteing subjects. The Church of La Merita is absolutely beautiful.

    • Thanks AP, its a little cheap point and shoot camera I bought in Venezuela. I will take the complement though:)

  3. Like the photo of Cristo Rey, nice capture of the ‘enlightened’ clouds in background.

    • Oh, I knew what I was doing when I took that. Not!! Thanks though. I cant believe how many complements I have gotten on these photos. Its starting to go to my head. 🙂

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