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For decades the US has been doling out foreign aid to various countries around the globe.  Some of those dollars were spent with good intentions, such as helping to fight famine, poverty, or even protecting US interests (keeping the oil flowing).  However, other dollars are going to causes that have nothing to do with helping out humanity, nor are they being spent with the best interests of the American people.   The last time I checked, #1 on the list was the most advanced and diversified economy in the Middle East, 3.75 billion dollars is nearly the amount of money the US gives to Puerto Rico annually (a US territory) Also, why are we spending money to prop up Egypt’s military?  Over the past year, the Egyptian military has been a hindrance to Egypt’s young democracy.  Looking at Pakistan coming in at #3 is also puzzling.  Pakistan is most likely the main reason we are losing the war in Afghanistan, and quite likely responsible for the clandestine attacks on the NATO ISAF compound in Kabul last year.

Something has got to give; Ron Paul was the only candidate that spoke about the U.S’s agenda in dealing with foreign aid.  Let’s not meddle in other nations affairs, we have not done anything to make the Middle East any better.  I believe it would be cheaper, smarter, and morally correct to step back and lets the cards fall where they may.

1. Israel ($3.75 billion)

2. Afghanistan ($2.33 billion)

3. Pakistan ($2.1 billion)

4. Iraq ($1.7 billion)

5. Egypt ($1.56 billion)

6. Jordan ($676 Million)

7. Kenya ($625 million)

8. Nigeria ($625 million)

9. Ethiopia ($580 million)

10. Tanzania ($531 million)


  1. You are correct, Luke! If your great grandfather Pip was alive, he would say
    as he did many times regarding foreign aid, “Where the hell is all that money
    coming from and why are we throwing it away! It makes no sense!!!!”
    Aunt Cook

    • Great point. Can you answer those two questions? Especially pertaining to number one on the list….

  2. Well…. Being an Israeli makes me quite unobjective. However, whether you like it or not, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, but lest you think that the US is dolling our money because it’s a democracy, I have news for you. Israel is a strategic base for the US who wishes to be in the middle of things and influential. It’s not working out anymore, but this is why so much money is being spent there. Also, the pentagon is very connected to the Israeli military becuase they test some of the inventions from the US and vice versa. It’s all politics and in politics you make many mistakes, especially when you believe that countries are as advanced as you (#2- #10)

  3. Ms. Bar, you are an actual Israeli citizen? I do empathize with the environment children in your country have to adapt to, being surrounded by hatred and chaos on all sides. However, there are many places in the world where people live without basic necessities, far worse than in Israel. My only point is that 4 billion is a large sacrifice for the american tax payer, when I am not convinced any American is seeing any benefit politically, nor knowing that those dollars were spent helping anybody in a worthy cause.
    Im not sure if you know that the Republic of Iraq is a democracy, and it is in the Middle East. It now has a democratic constitution, which was voted for with turnouts higher than 60%, which is more than in most Western Countries during a referendum on their constitutions. Israel can no longer claim to be the sole Democracy in the Middle East. My experience tells me that the U.S is doling out money to Israel, because the congress in the U.S is intimidated by AIPAC, and is scared to step out of formation when AIPAC gives orders on how and when America will send troops and allocate funds to IDF. No offense to the average citizen of your country, but America is royally getting screwed with 0 return on their investment in my opinion.

    • Yes I’m actually an Israeli citizen and an American one as well. I think that you’re making many good points in your response, but like it’s always in life, things are not black or white. You’ve forgotten the influence of evangelical Christians and their suppost of Israel. This is an element that is only getting stronger. Moreover, the more the government sees itself losing ground and influence in the Middle East, the more strategically important Israel becomes. I believe you’re confusing the legitimate needs of the American citizen with the expansion desires of American politics.

      • Israels geographic location is of no significant interest to U.S foreign policy. Qatar houses the largest U.S base in the Middle East, and the Qatari’s paid in full for the construction of the base. Turkey, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt also house U.S bases, so Israel has nothing that isnt already provided. Evangelical Christians in the US are played like fools by the media, this is propaganda created for and paid in full by Wallstreet and Hollywood.

      • Half of the toursits to the holy sites in Israel are evangelical Christians.

      • What does that have to do with foreign aid? Half of the tourists at the Eiffel tower in France are Evangelical Christians….

  4. Hey, bro. Long time, no speak easy. Sorry I missed your call over Thanksgiving. Kisha tells me Nan has been asking about you. Wondering what her godfather has been up to these days. Big things, I hope. Holla at me so I can give you her email and so we can talk, of course.

    Your brother from another mother,


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